My name is Mary Mecca. I am a dedicated studio artist based in San Francisco, California.

I create colorful, visionary artwork that aims to speak to the natural human within us all. My paintings seek to sneak into your mind and break down socially-constructed concepts of what what it means to be spiritual. Viewing my pieces is sure to open channels of consciousness in the mind and allow new waves of thinking to permeate the inner being. With my jewelry, I am discovering how body adornment can reflect our instinctual spiritual state by framing the human body.

There is so much disharmony and strife in the world. We are surrounded by images of violence and suffering on a daily basis. These images sink into our subconscious and create a sense of fear and lack. In order to counterbalance this barrage of negative iconography, I strive to create art that embodies simplicity, beauty, and healing.


"Art is a material act of culture, but it's greatest value is its spiritual role, and that influences society because it's the greatest contribution to the intellectual and moral development of humanity that can be made." - Ana Medieta


The images and geometries in my paintings represent visual meditations that invite the audience to sit with harmonious and universal patterns. The intention of my work is to imitate the intimate essence of nature, not its actual appearance, and to serve as an aid to meditation about the true meaning of life. My artwork is influenced by my personal practices of yoga and meditation.


Materials & Process

Paintings: Light, Shadow, Vinyl, Stencils, Spray Paint, Wood

Light plays a role in my paintings because light is the first principal of human existence. Every historical document pinpoints light as the primary occurrence in the molding of the universe. Christian's are familiar with God's command, "Let there be light." This was the first creative act of the universe. To Buddhists, light is a symbol of truth. Muslims view God as the one who "illumines" everything and gives it life. The Big Bang Theory states an enormous explosion of light that created everything. Light is the first principle of creativity.

For everything that exists and for every emotion, exists an adversary. Shadow represents that duality. On the surface you have an image that is very colorful and pleasing to look at it. But directly behind looms it’s shadow, the side you would never expect to see. By working with both shadow and light, the mind can enter into a new dimension to reconcile opposites.

The medium that I work on is clear plastic vinyl. Ancient man decorated animal hides and the insides of caves because it was what he could find in his environment. I grew up and continue to live in a highly plastic, consumer-based environment. My work is about creating your own spirituality, not just following one that is pre-packaged for you by your family or society. Therefore it's also about creating my own artistic process, instead of following the pre-packaged paint-on-canvas style of painting that came before me. Consuming is my culture, so consumption of course affects my spirituality. Since these artworks are created on quite an immortal material, I strive to create meaningful, timeless art.

I design and hand cut all of my own stencils. I use spray paint because I get instant results. As a millennial, our world of immediacy has shaped my creative process.

Jewelry: Silver, Brass, Gold, Vinyl, Spray Paint, 3D Printing, CNC, the Human Body


Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Studio Art: Drawing & Painting; Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing


(NOT) Achromatic with Jade Elkins- February 2009, Limelight Gallery, Lubbock, Texas

The 23rd Juried Exhibition at the Texas Tech School of Art (Group Show)- April 2009, Landmark Arts Gallery, Lubbock, Texas

Catching the Vision (Group Show) - March 2009, The Foundation Gallery, Lubbock, Texas

Graduating Seniors Group Exhibition, November 2010, Landmark Arts Gallery, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

The Infinite Conception - Mary Mecca solo show, December 2010, Art Depot on the First Friday Art Trail, Lubbock, Texas

Humano Art Exhibition (Group show) - May 2012, Nerv Gallery, Dallas, Texas

Constructing Perspective (Group show) - September 2012, Nerv Gallery, Dallas, Texas

Constellated Breaths (With artists Sean Miller, Rusty Bouvier, & Amy Mahler) - April 2013, Nerv Gallery, Dallas, Texas

Solo Show - April 2014, Nerv Gallery, Dallas, Texas (I sold 48 out out of a total of 50 pieces).

12/13/14:24/24 (24 artists locked in the gallery for 24 hours to create FRESH, BRAND NEW ART) - December 2014 Nerv Gallery, Dallas, Texas

From 2015-2017 I traveled the globe, visiting New Zealand, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Bali before eventually settling down in San Francisco, CA in March 2018.