Astrologer: An interpreter of the influence of the heavenly bodies on human life...


Astrology is ancient. Why do you think so many cultures from the distant past were obsessed with mapping the stars? The masses in our solar system move like a clock! It is fixed and predictable. You can track the moon and its phase with complete accuracy thousands of years into the past and into the future. These large celestial bodies absolutely affect us. They are infinitesimally large and we are so infinitesimally small. The way in which they influence us is practically inconceivable. Or is it?

Swadhyaya: The Study of the Self

I believe that we can learn so much more about ourselves by looking at our astrology, specifically our natal charts. It’s a way to study yourself and learn how your own mind works. It can help you get out of repetitive cycles and old limiting beliefs. It can show you where you’ve been, as well as possibly intense dates and times in your future. The coolest thing that a natal chart can show me, is your true purpose in life, your evolution. The main teaching you came here for. I know that it can help you get laser focus on your passions and desire for life to learn more about yourself through your astrology and your natal chart.

Your sun sign tends to describe who you are when the sun is out. My sun is in Pisces, so I’m creative, dreamy, and easily distracted. Your moon sign rules your mind and also describes who you are/how you behave at night, when the moon is out. My moon is in Gemini, so I am a big thinker, always calculating and weighing possibilities. Gemini also rules communication, so here I am, sharing with you. Not surprising.

Your rising sign, also called the ascendent, usually describes who you are when you wake up in the morning, as well as your first impression that you give to others, and how you behave in large groups or out in public. I’m Leo rising, which means the sign Leo was on the horizon when I was born. This means that people often confuse me for a high energy, extroverted person when really I’m quite, calm and often reclusive….I just have the confidence of that Leo to guide me through social interactions, as well as Gemini to aid in communication. Pisces is mystical and magical, which is usually how people describe me to others. Nothing is coincidence or mistake! All the signs are there in your chart!


I can see my life’s purpose in my chart. When I research my own archetypes or the symbols for my degrees and read the myths and stories about how they affect the psyche, it’s like hearing my oldest reoccurring dreams. It’s wild! You too can awaken to all that there is to learn by studying your natal birth chart. I can help give you a head start by explaining to you your Sun, Moon, Rising, as well as your nodes which show your karma and where your evolution lies.