I'm super excited to be launching a new website and blog. Please check it out and sign up to get to be one of the first to know when I officially launch! I will be moving the majority of my blogging over to this website. I am really feeling the call to teach people to love themselves, and this is going to be the perfect outlet for me to share my personal journey to self love. Of course, will still serve as my portfolio!
My goal with this website and all of it's offerings is to bring you out of survival mode and into serving your greater purpose. Self education is the ultimate act of Self Love. Use the information within this site to learn ways to enhance your self care routine and transform your life. When we take care of ourselves, we are able to be better for others. Following your excitement is easier with the foundation of a lifestyle of Self Care. You are your own medicine and your ability to heal lies within!



I am #NotJustAYogi


“You've got to find yourself first. Everything else'll follow.” 
― Charles de Lint


SO often I catch myself trying to always post "perfect" yoga pictures on social media. It just isn't realistic. Most of the time when I want to post, or have something to say, it has NOTHING to do with yoga!!! It's kind of funny how people react when you show who you really are - not just a globetrotting yogi with some perfect life, always with positive quotes and not a blemish in sight. When I post more personal images on Instagram, people unfollow me! Like I said, it's funny...when I post 100% yoga I am more desirable for some reason, but when I post my unfiltered life, I guess that isn't interesting. Lol, I am over it. Show me a Yogi that does MORE than yoga. Yoga is a part of my life, but it isn't my entire life. 

I am coming full circle with this right now, letting go of trying to have any kind of perfect image. GUESS WHAT? One of my main hobbies is Anime. Yep, I like to sit on the couch and watch episode after episode. How yogic! I just don't care anymore. I have a passion for animation and interesting adventures and stories. I can get lost in them all day. It's a BIG part of my life, just as big as yoga, and finally, after all these years, I'm EMBRACING IT!!!! It feels so good to just be me and not always filter what I put onto social media as someone I'm just not. I am not Kathryn Budig, I am not Rachel Brathen. I am Mary Mecca! I love rainbows, I'm a huge anime nerd, and I'm a lightworker/warrior. That is who I am, and I am no longer filtering it or pretending to have a perfect image.

Part of this liberation was dying my hair. I've always wanted purple hair, after my favorite anime character Misato (from Evangelion). I let my best friend Ashley, who is an amazing colorist, add the pink/purple ombre fade (because who doesn't love pink & purple!?!). My new hair truly represents who I am, and I've had so many people come out of the woodwork to praise me finally just being myself. And it feels right. It feels good.

So, nice to meet you! I'm Mary, I'm a nerd and I do yoga. I've watched more anime than I would like to admit, I'm a wacky artist and I paint only with spray paint. I frequent music festivals and carry a moon stick. I am unapologetically unprejudiced and will not judge to a fault. I'm an activist, a guardian, and an empath. I feel deeply, I act creatively. That's me, this is how I do. Namaste! <3 



Happy New Year!!!

Hi there! I hope you had happy holidays and a happy new year! Welcome 2015! I spent the holidays reflecting on everything I am thankful for and really pushing some positive energy toward all of my goals and dreams! 

One of my latest goals involves my long time passion for yoga, and YOU! When I was living in New Zealand I taught private lessons and I'm officially hooked. There is something really special about a 1 on 1 (or 2) class that is very caring and connected for both teacher and student. I enjoy being able to sense what you need that day and knowing when it's the right time to help you relax or when you are in need of a challenge. I've had a couple of people on my schedule since returning to Dallas and with the new year I am looking to add some openings and spread more yoga love!

So, new year, new you? Let's practice yoga together in the comfort of your own home or mine! I have a lovely home studio that is the perfect sacred space for relaxing with a good sweat! Private yoga lessons are a great way to get acquainted with yoga postures & breathing techniques one on one with a teacher. Let me know your schedule and budget. I would love to work with you! 

Private Yoga lessons include:
Speed & sequence specifically catered to you & how you feel on that particular day
Hands on correction & adjustments
Neck massage in savasana

I'm available evenings after 5:30PM & weekends. Contact me via the contact form or email me at to inquire! 

Namaste :)

I Will Not Be Shopping on Black Friday

A week from today (or a week from last night) Americans will be lining up and camping out to consume products and other items that will likely be obsolete and in a landfill in 5-10 years. This is a madness that is "respected" year round, and over all the majority of people think that sleeping overnight on a sidewalk for an iPhone or leaving Thanksgiving dinner early to go take advantage of "deals" they can't miss is completely normal and acceptable behavior.

I have never participated in "Black Friday" shopping deals, and I never will. As an American, I live in an environment where consumption of all kinds is heavily celebrated. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and couldn't be a more hypocritical event to engage with after supposedly "giving thanks". Some deals begin at 6pm ON Thanksgiving, or midnight, so for some, this means that mere hours after saying they are thankful for what they have, the rush to wait in line or fight others for products like TVs and tablets. 

You may save a couple hundred bucks on electronics but you lose time with your family. The nickname Black Friday was coined by the people working at these establishments, who are also losing out on time with their loved ones due to this demand. The loss of dignity to these workers and the psychologically conditioned, over consuming populace can only be regained by refusing to partake in such events.

I have to ask myself why finite OBJECTS are given more value than our time, our families, and giving respect to others? What is going on here that makes people think that this overconsumption is ok? Let's go over some myths about Black Friday and debunk them!

1. People that work Black Friday are paid more and choose to be there. 

FALSESadly, in most retail stores or mall offices, workers are given either no choice over their schedule, or are forced to choose between Thanksgiving & Christmas. In a lot of establishments, workers may even sign a contract when they are hired to work either on or the day after Thanksgiving (or both), as well as on Christmas Eve & the day after Christmas. Yes, there are probably some people that don't mind the work or extra pay, but that is a minority. Most workers are completely dissatisfied with their place of employment during this time of year despite the possibility of financial gain.

Holidays are memorable, important occasions that are healthy for the human mind to celebrate and revere. For many, holidays are a time for remembering loved ones that have passed on, and spending time with our friends and family. These two holidays are about giving thanks, and giving thoughtful gifts to those we love. Unfortunately these holidays have been completely hijacked by industry (much like everything else in society), and are instead celebrated as times to "get stuff." Stay home with friends and family, and you will get much much more than "stuff."

2. Black Friday & Christmas shopping are "good for the economy." 

FALSE! Black Friday & Christmas shopping are good for CHINA and INDIA's economies, NOT the USA's economy. The best way to ACTUALLY support the American economy is to shop at locally owned stores, buying locally produced goods. Look for things that are Made in America, shop on Etsy, go to a local shop in your city or town, or peruse other online marketplaces selling AMERICAN goods.

Savvy stock traders sell off all of their retail stock before Black Friday, because they will LOSE money! Black Friday sales actually decrease stock prices in retail stores until January! Think you're supporting the economy? Think again.

3. Black Friday deals are the best deals of the year. 

This one couldn't be more false. You might not save any money, and the stores might not even profit. A store can have 1 Xbox in stock and advertise that they have the Xbox for $199. Even though they only have ONE! This happens all the time. Most items are not even discounted any more than they have in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. Expect to run into special tags that say things like "lowest price ever!" that mean absolutely nothing. 

4. "Black Friday" earned it's name because everyone is happy and smiling.

FALSE! Black Friday earned it's name because it sucks! The people that work in the stores hate it, the police hate it, and the people who have to watch their consumption driven family members leave the table so they can go feed their strange addiction hate it as well!

STAY HOME! Relax. Don't participate in the ridiculous frenzy. Start a new trend or new holiday tradition. Americans are already so stressed and over worked, why add the stress of dealing with crazy people on your day off from work? Why support businesses that exploit their employees?

This year I am not cooking for Thanksgiving. Instead we're making a donation to the North Texas Food Bank. I'm going to fast on water for 3 days and spend time out at my family's lake house and take a big dose of nature. This is where my intuition is calling me this year and I'm comfortable letting it lead and guide me into stillness and contemplation.

Things to do the day after Thanksgiving: Spend time with friends & family, shop local, stay home & relax, volunteer, donate money or food, spend time in nature, do some yoga, help a friend or neighbor in need, focus on loved ones, hangout with your children, garden, whatever your heart is truly calling for. 

Why not seize any moment of calm in your life that you can? Time off work to take care of myself is a deal I can't pass up. I invite you to do the same and I hope that you will. Boycott Black Friday with me and take a stance for Love, Friends, Family, Humanity, and Dignity.



Hire Me! I Do Custom Murals

This past weekend I was hired to paint a mural in a client's home. He picked a Frank Stella painting that he loved for me to emulate onto an interesting wall in his house. Obviously geometric murals are my specialty, but this concept was literally right up my alley! I used tape to create the design, painted over the top, and then peeled the tape to reveal the pattern. It was so fun and I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity! Here are some in progress pictures:

Measuring and marking lines to follow for the pattern.

I am not afraid of heights! :) 

Complete, but with scaffolding still in the way. 

The client picked the most amazing red wine color for the piece.

This piece took me 15 hours. I worked for about 2 hours on Friday evening, 5 hours on Saturday, 6 hours on Sunday, and 2 more Monday evening just doing a bit of touch up where the paint bled a small amount. Could have easily done it in two days, but I worked on it according to the clients schedule, which I don't mind at all.

An amazing mural like this doesn't have to be time extensive! I got it done in 1 weekend, and the addition to the home is powerful. It is quite the statement. I love happy clients! If you have a project in mind, just let me know. I would love to work with you.


Online Yoga Classes

Take yoga with me on Youtube! I am so excited to have online classes available for my students. I am continuing to add classes each month! 

Yoga is such a large passion of mine and an integral part of my life. A lot of times I get the question, what is Yoga? 

Yoga is a science of life. It is the art of whole body wellness. Physical fitness, peace of mind, and spiritual fulfillment. It's saved me time and time again. This is why I became a teacher, because for me, yoga is the path toward becoming who you've always wanted to be.  

Check out my yoga channel online, and consider giving yourself the gift of yoga! Let me guide you on your journey <3



what is sovereignty?

"On a planet that increasingly looks like a maximum security prison, the only intelligent choice is to plan a jail break." 
-Robert Anton Wilson


I live in the USa....which houses 5% of the world's population and 25% of the prison population of the entire world. Land of the free? Home of the imprisoned?

As I drive home, my car is recorded as it passes cameras on the highway. When I go into a store to buy a coffee, it is also recorded on video. If I post pictures onto facebook, (which my spell check is trying to auto capitalize by the way...) they have facial recognition software to tag me and my friends faces. The other day I was pulled over and harassed by police because my tail light was out. I can't leave this country unless I pay my taxes (which $.33 cents of each dollar goes strait to a military that I don't personally agree with). My emails are saved on some ridiculous database, and even this blog post will probably be skimmed for key words and my name added to some "list."

"true freedom is not something you attain or possess. it is your ability to exercise your own God given gift of Free Will to think and feel without the influence of any person, place, condition, or thing!" - Sam Bakri

So what is freedom? Why do we call America the land of the free? Here in America, all we have is perks. Little distractions that make us believe we are freer here than other places. Go to school, get a job, get married, have children, work your entire life, and repeat after me: "I'm Free." Nothing is free, not your lunch, not your baseball game, not your car, your fuel, your food, your medical care, your anything. The only thing that makes America the land of the free are a plethora of options and conveniences that most other cultures wouldn't even begin to hallucinate to abuse. 


okay okay, so what is sovereignty?

Sovereignty is the freedom to determine one's own life path without fear or the imposition of a set of rules or standards imposed by another. It is a conscious state in which an enlightened ethic is practiced spontaneously as opposed to an enforced moral code.

so what does this mean? What does this entail? To begin this journey of transformation, we need to be reminded of our inalienable rights as the citizens of the world. It is ironic that these so-called new ideas are almost word for word the principles for which many people have died for over the years of human history. Today, this call for rights is no longer applicable to a sector of our population, but a unified call by all its citizens who have been denied freedom and dignity. 

WE are the CUSTODIANS of the planet - but to protect it, we have to take it back from the reckless governments that have claimed ownership - under the control of corporations who are raping and destroying OUR EARTH.

Our Inalienable Rights – The Rights of all Citizens
1. The country belongs to its people
2. The land belongs to its people
3. The water belongs to the people
4. The forests belong to the people
5. The rivers and lakes belong to the people
6. The gold, the platinum, diamonds, chrome, copper, iron, uranium, tin, aluminium, and all other minerals in the ground belong to the people
7. The coal belongs to the people
8. The air and the airwaves belong to the people
9. Everything that grows on the land belongs to the people
10. The beaches, the mountains and the skies above belong to the people
11. The wild animals do not belong to us or anyone else, they belong to the planet and we are their custodians and protectors
These things DO NOT belong to the politicians, the government, or any corporation who has unlawfully claimed exclusive rights over it.

The only conclusion that we can reach is that the government and the multinational corporations have quietly stolen the planet from its people. We, the people need to take it back!

 please, pardon the F bomb.....

please, pardon the F bomb.....

this may be a silly internet meme, but there is a lot of truth in it. seriously? who do we owe? bankers? each other? other countries? why do we need to pay to live here? my dog doesn't pay rent, nor do lions, tigers, or bears (if they don't pay with their lives by our destruction to their habitats). We are of earth. this is our home. this is where we have been placed for spiritual teachings and tools. yet, when we are born here, specifically in the USa, at the moment we are "birthed" we are given a tax collection identification number known as a social security number. as a helpless, will die without care baby, we are already targets of government.

 after all the weird would it discover that...the world's worst enemy...might look like...this?

after all the weird would it discover that...the world's worst enemy...might look like...this?

human history has been hijacked by greed.


the fact is, we are sovereign beings. the real world war is on for our minds. we've let someone else steer our car of free will, and they are driving straight towards a brick wall. instead of seeing what's coming up ahead, they've got us arguing over who gets to sit up front. distracted with meaningless political parties and social classes. we have to end this and take ourselves up as the captains of our fate. the longer we sit idly by, zoomed in on our own individual life and our own problems, the longer we let someone else control our destiny. 

"universal responsibility is the key to human survival. it is the best foundation for world peace." -the Dalai lama

certain cultural narratives are promoted that are only beneficial to uphold the current structure. these cultural narratives are not true. the only reality that is relevant is:
-we have this planet
-we have X many people on the planet
-there are X amount of resources....
any system that is inconflict with the even distribution of the resources to the people is a completely disingenuous and illusory system.

"when a well packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic." -Dresden James

all I'm asking you is:

What if the purpose of your life is to have fun and enjoy it? 


Don't be satisfied with old stories. How things have gone for others. Unfold your own myth.