Information about the materials I use

While in a painting class at undergrad at Texas Tech, I was given an assignment to try to use materials that matched the content of my painting. Through that assignment I found myself experimenting with painting onto a shower curtain. For me it was interesting to consider adding paint from both sides to see what showed through. After playing with the material, I discovered that spray paint worked best. Then I painted, stenciled, taped, painted, stenciled and taped, etc and this was the end result. "The Splash" from 2008. I became hooked on painting on the plastic, and also specifically wielding and controlling spray paint.

The Splash


This piece is where I became amazed at the possibilities of manipulating shadow, and I also started to notice that the colors on the backside of the painting could reflect on the wall behind it. I got really excited and honed in on proper construction for the preservation of each piece, and from that process I have created my entire body of work. This was the original Meander, poor construction lead to it not making it, so I recreated it in white.

I continued to experiment...


and I started playing with leaving some parts of the plastic clear to create a shadow...


and also reflecting colors onto the wall behind the piece 


and it was a lot of fun!!!


Cradle was the first piece that I confidently stretched onto a colored frame. It is 4' x 5' and was accepted into a juried exhibition at the TTU school of art in 2009. Even though it was such an experimental form of painting my professors encouraged it and I really found that for me personally this is an effective way to create. 


Learning how to manipulate the clear medium combined with stenciling and spraying layers is what has led me to my current artistic practices of painting onto clear plastic vinyl. 

I buy the vinyl on a roll, much like a traditional painter would buy a roll of canvas. I build and paint my own frames, and I usually stretch the paintings onto the frames when they are complete. I have recently been adding vinyl collage to my pieces post stretch. I'm still having fun with this process! Email me if you want to learn more!

Thanks for reading!